June 27,2020

Clinton Judge Hands RNC Major Victory Over Democrats In Florida Elections Lawsuit

WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the Republican Party of Florida were granted a major victory when a Clinton-appointed judge denied Democrat attorneys’ motion for preliminary injunction in Nielsen v. DeSantis, a radical lawsuit that Democrats brought in Florida that among other things,  sought to force Florida to count ballots that arrive after Election Day and prohibit the state’s ban on ballot harvesting.
"Democrats’ nationwide assault on the integrity of our elections has never been based on fact or public health emergency, but rather an attempt to use the courts to achieve their long sought partisan goals of legalizing ballot harvesting and eliminating nearly every safeguard in our elections. We are pleased this Clinton-appointed judge sided with us in our fight to protect the integrity of Florida’s elections." – RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
In denying the Plaintiffs’ request, Judge Hinkle noted, "the plaintiffs have not shown likely success on the merits" of their case.
Specifically on the issue of counting ballots that arrive after Election Day, Judge Hinkle points out how delayed receipt could leave room for vulnerabilities or fraud. 

  • By requiring receipt on or before Election Day, "This eliminates the problem of missing, unclear, or even altered postmarks, eliminates delay that can have adverse consequences, and eliminates the remote possibility that in an extremely close election—Florida has had some—a person who did not vote on or before election day can fill out and submit a ballot later."

You can view the order here.


Democrats’ Attempted Election Power Grab in Florida:


This case is a prime example of Democrats and their liberal allies seeking to exploit coronavirus as an excuse to attack popular election integrity measures by asking judges to legislate from the bench. Democrats sued Florida and all 67 of its county supervisors of elections, demanding they willfully ignore and violate Florida election law by prohibiting enforcement of the state’s ban on ballot harvesting and allowing ballots to be counted after Election Day. Read more on this here.
The RNC continues to fight back against the Democrats’ assault on the integrity of our elections by intervening in left-wing backed lawsuits across the country. Recently, the RNC 
intervened to protect election integrity in Minnesota against Democrat attempts to remove ballot deadlines by Election Day. The Republicans recently sued Clark County in Nevada for hiding evidence of a shady backroom election deal. Republicans have also sued California Gov. Gavin Newsom over his brazen and illegal power grab to make California a vote-by-mail state. Adding to their fight against Democrat efforts, Republicans have also recently intervened in a lawsuit Democrats brought in Florida, where they demanded county supervisors of elections willfully ignore and violate Florida election law by prohibiting enforcement of the state’s ban on ballot harvesting, and allow ballots to be counted after Election Day. The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently handed Republicans a big victory, throwing out a left-wing lawsuit to allow ballots to be counted after Election Day. Similar radical lawsuits are being fought in states like Michigan, New Mexico, and Arizona. The RNC recently doubled its legal budget to $20 million to fight these efforts, and you can learn more at www.ProtectTheVote.com.



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