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Mission Statement


The Indian River County Republican Executive Committee seeks to uphold the principles of freedom, equality, and justice on which the Republican Party and the government of the Nation are founded, as set forth in the Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida.


 Objectives of the Committee are:

  • Foster loyalty to the Republican Party

  • Promote an Informed electorate through political education

  • Increase Republican registration

  • Seek and encourage qualified Republican candidates for local, county, state and federal offices

  • Promote the election of all Republican candidates in the General Election

  • Support, encourage, and coordinate Republican organizations in Indian River County

As called for in Florida Statutes 103 and by the Republican Party of Florida, each county has a group of committeemen and committeewomen who represent their voting precinct. In voting precincts there may be multiple committeemen and committeewomen based on the number of registered voters.


Each committeeman and committeewoman serves as a voting member of the Indian River County Republican Executive Committee (IRCREC) and must fulfill the requirements of being a registered Republican for a year and live in the precinct that he or she represents.


There are seven primary objectives for all county RECs.

  1. Electing qualified Republicans to office.

  2. Foster loyalty to the Republican Party.

  3. Through political education promote an informed electorate.

  4. Increase the number of registered Republicans.

  5. Seek qualified Republican candidates for local, county, state, and federal offices.

  6. Promote election of Republicans in General Elections.

  7. Uphold freedom, equality and justice which are the founding principles of the Republican Party and the nation.


These objectives are carried out by each precinct committeeman and committeewoman through their membership in the REC.


The positions of precinct committeeman and precinct committeewoman are elected offices and will be voted on by registered Republicans members of the REC and will be on a primary ballot if there is more than one Republican running for the position.


REC members are required to submit qualifying paperwork in the form of oaths to both the IRC Supervisor of Elections and the Republican Party of Florida.

The IRCREC meets monthly. Members are expected to attend these monthly meetings unless a request is made in advance asking for an excused absence. Excused absences are approved or disapproved by the Membership Committee. Missing three meetings in a row without a valid reason will result in an individual losing their REC membership.


Applications to join the IRCREC are available on the at the bottom of this page and from current members of the REC. The process to achieve membership takes about two months and requires an introduction at a monthly REC meeting, an interview and nomination and election at a subsequent monthly meeting.


The common bond among Americans

which embodies the Spirit of American values!

One of the 56 men that signed the Declaration of Independence,

Benjamin Franklin wrote:

“We must have the courage to hang together, 

or we will hang separately!” 

Our freedom as a Constitutional 

Republic is being challenged by

the current pandemic, giving “we the 

people” a sample of our loss of

liberties guaranteed by The Constitution.   

We the people exercised our freedom to vote for a candidate that

represented a repudiation or pushback of “politics as usual”

in the last presidential election. 

As a result, our nation experienced

unprecedented market freedom by

limiting the power of a centralized government, providing record 

Job opportunities and record breaking unemployment and stock

market gains!

No matter ones party affiliation,

we as a people must decide if we

are to live on our knees, appeasing 

our enemies, or die on our feet

defending our common bond of

freedom first!! 

Paul Zelno, REC Indian River County

Republican Executive

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