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To the Members Letters to Our Elected Representatives section

of the IRC GOP website.


This forum is for the Exchange of ideas and concerns among our members who now write and who have written to their elected Representatives in government. It is especially for those members and visitors to the website who have not written but would like to do so and how to say what’s on their minds.

There are many guides available on “How To” write to your elected officials so I won’t go into details.

I addressed this first posted letter to my US Congressional Representative Bill Posey as ‘Dear Bill’ since I have written to him since he first took office. He responds to me frequently as ‘Dear Jeff’. Otherwise I would use their Title “Dear Representative…, “ Dear Senator…”.


Let them know what the issue or matter of concern is and where you stand. For me, it’s Protecting and Restoring the Second Amendment, our God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms to defend and preserve our Freedoms as Americans.

“I Support” or “I Oppose” is a good way to express your position on a matter up front, then fill in the details of the matter in the body of your letter. Reference the bill number being considered or being voted on when known.


Urge their “Yes” or “No” vote on the matter. This is very important as they are Representing You in Your government. Remember, you will frequently be writing to Inform them of the blatant lies, deceptions, falsehoods and propaganda they are receiving non-stop from the biased news media and others with a less-than-truthful political agenda.


Request a Response to your concerns as this also is very important to close the communication loop.


Always be Respectful. We have good elected officials from our District working for us in a difficult environment. They need our inputs and our support.


I always end by Thanking them for fighting for my Rights wherever they are serving.


Consider this ability to correspond a Blessing and a Duty of being a Citizen in our American Republic. It’s Citizenship 101! There will Always be something to write to your elected Officials about so keep tuned into the website.

Thanks to All who write their Representatives and post their letters for others to read and do likewise!


Jeff Mosesso

REC Committeeman, Precinct 32

Member, IRC Second Amendment Defense Coalition

Veteran, US Navy Submarine Service

Letter to Bill Posey regarding ATF gun registry concerns.

Dear Bill,


Gun Owners of America, and I am a Life Member, has informed me recently that Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas investigation into the ATF forced them to ADMIT that they have compiled 920,664,765 records on gun owners.


And, Senator Chuck Schumer, first-rate Idiot from New York, wants to Double their budget to $2.9 Billion. Is this a payoff? Sure seems like one.


Please tell me - Why would ATF or any federal bureaucracy maintain a database of records on firearms owners? Is it because:

it makes it easier to send manufacturer’s safety recall notices for their make and model firearm?

it makes it easier for product vendors to sell them related items?

it makes it easier to Confiscate them when an unconstitutional Executive Order is issued to do so?


I fully agree with Representative Cloud who stated "A federal firearm registry is explicitly banned by law. The Biden Administration continues to empower criminals while diminishing the rights of law-abiding Americans. The ATF is shamelessly circumventing existing law to accumulate these records. They must be held accountable."


I believe you would agree that the Biden administration is well on its way to creating a National Gun Registry and the ATF is making it happen. The federal government is prevented by law from establishing or maintaining a database of gun owners, For A Damned Good Reason! So why is this being allowed to happen?


I think it is well past time to call this rogue agency to the floor of the US House and instruct them to DELETE All Records from this database. You will have the opportunity to do so starting January, 2023 when we take back the House and Senate. And we are Counting on our Republican-majority House and Senate to ACT Accordingly to Preserve and Restore our Right To Keep And Bear Arms and Without Government Surveillance and Interference. This is the Only Way to Preserve Our Republic.


Oh, and please inform ATF that their services Will No Longer Be Needed at that hearing.


What say Ye, Sir?


Thank you for all of your past and future efforts to protect my Rights. Very much appreciated here in the district.



Jeff Mosesso

Vero Beach


Member, Indian River County Second Amendment Defense Coalition representing the 45th 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County in Florida

Second letter to Bill Posey regarding ATF gun registry concerns.

Dear Representative Posey,


I wrote to you earlier regarding ATF building a national Firearm Registry and my strong opposition to it.


Once again I find that you are on top of this most recent assault on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Your response of February 8, 2022 reported that you and 52 Republican members first raised this issue and are now holding them responsible.


Recently I was informed that Representative Michael Cloud (R-TX) has introduced legislation to combat the freedom-abusing tendencies of this politicized organization, especially when they are under Democrat (now the Socialist) Party direction. He stated the issue very clearly for all: “The Second Amendment is clear, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” “There is no reason for law-abiding American gun owners to be subjected to excessive scrutiny on the firearms they own by the federal government. My bill would dismantle ATF’s record-keeping, restore privacy for American gun owners, and reverse the groundwork laid in the creation of a federal firearms registry.”

Since ATF has consistently demonstrated over decades they Cannot be trusted with power, and still retains the power to act against my fellow Citizens today, allow me to proffer the Founder’s wisdom exercised during their deliberations while creating the new government for America for our US House of Representatives today regarding ATF: "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." Thomas Jefferson


Bill, please Count Me in Full Support of Congressman Michael Cloud and the No Retaining Every Gun In a System That Restricts Your (REGISTRY) Rights Act which would require ATF to DELETE all existing firearm transaction records accumulated and dismantle their current database. The bill would also require Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs) to DESTROY their firearm transaction records once they go out of business, ensuring the ATF doesn’t continue to accumulate these records.


Nothing less will ensure that our Rights will be preserved. I urge your YES vote for Cloud’s proper and effective legislation. And in that bill, please ensure Tough Enforcement Actions be specified for Violations of that Act as we continue to reign in the slipperiest eel in the federal government.


Thank you for your long-demonstrated commitment to defending my RKBA from the abuses of those in the federal government who would degrade and remove it given the chance again to do so.




Jeff Mosesso

Vero Beach, FL


FBI Raid of Trump’s Mar-A-Largo Home

Dear Bill,
Outrage is what I’m feeling after the news that President Trump’s Mar-A-Largo Florida home was raided by agents of the weaponized FBI on Monday morning.  Under specious pretext.  With the blessings of Director Wray and A.G. Garland.
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised to investigate the Department of Justice and Garland.  He stated “I’ve seen enough.  The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization. When Republicans take back the House, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned.”

I fully support McCarthy’s planned actions.
You may also count me fully onboard with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene who wrote, “I’ve talked a lot about the civil war in the GOP and I lean into it because America needs fearless & effective Republicans to finally put America First.  Last night’s tyrannical FBI raid at MAR is unifying us in ways I haven’t seen.  In January, We Take On The Enemy Within.”
Sir, was Marjorie talking about ‘The Enemy Within’ being the Socialist Party’s weaponizers of our federal agencies against its political opponents?  Or was it the cabal of RINOs who have been assisting and enabling the action that we saw yesterday?  It’s hard for me to be certain.
My fellow voters and I are going to send you back to office this November, along with many other Patriotic Republicans, to help you, Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy take on this task.  It is well-past time for this politicized and persecutory agency to be fully Investigated, especially the leadership. 
First order of business for our fearless and effective Republicans should be to Clear All RINOs from any and all investigative committees to prevent the results from being sabotaged. 


You may recall Ciceros warning from history to us of “The Enemy Within”:  “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within.  An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.  But the Traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.  For the Traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.  He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.  A murderer is less to fear.  The Traitor is the Plague.”   Marcus Tullius Cicero,  Roman Republic Statesman, 106 BC – 43 BC

RINOs are the ideological comrades of the Socialist Party, working within the Republican Party to thwart our actions and efforts to restore Constitutional government - Cicero’s Enemy Within!  RINOs are a Force Multiplier for the Socialist Party's agenda, actions and goals.  Prepare To Deal With Them First!
Restrict the power and the scope of the FBI’s ability to persecute political enemies of the Socialist Party so these continuing abuses are stopped, then Dismantle and Rebuild it using the US Constitution as the reassembly document, instead of the Marxist / Communist Cultural Revolution playbook, with additional Safeguards to ensure an event like this never happens again and so the agency can never persecute an American Citizen because of their political position.  Those who are found to be the subverters of this once-premier law enforcement agency should be imprisoned, tried for Treason and appropriately dealt with.  RINOs are fair game for this effort!  Congress should be thinking of purchasing politically-career-ending rope by the hundred-foot roll.
One final thought to leave with you.  If the above does not convince our Republican leadership that the RINO infestation must be addressed and eliminated now, please let them consider this:

“The Forest Was Shrinking, But The Trees Kept Voting FOR The Axe.  For The Axe Was Clever And Convinced The Trees That Because His Handle Was Made Of Wood, He Was One Of Them.”

Turkish Proverb

Bill, It Is Time To Turn The Axe Upon Itself To Save The Forest.
What Say Ye, Sir?
Jeff Mosesso
Vero Beach