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For many of us who have wondered about the deterioration of the justice system in this country due to the left, this week we saw our faith renewed because jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial stood up and did what was right and did not buckle to the drumbeat of lies and distortions by the out-of-control media, tech giants, and politicians. For months it was a spectacle of lies trying to upend the basic tenets of justice in this country that everyone has “the right to a fair trial” and is “innocent until proven guilty.” In the end the facts won the day and brave individuals did the right thing. It is clear that those who are behind the ruination of America are trying to anger you. There is an old saying that “those who wish to destroy you, must anger you first.” The left is doing everything it can to provoke the people of the United States into an angry tirade for the purpose of exercising more control over the population. We need to continue to fight back, not by getting angry and upset, but by a strong resolve and focus to ensure victory in the next election. Your voice and your action can make a difference. Get involved and work with other like- minded people to make sure the left sees their defeat in the elections to come.


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